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Immigration Lawyers: Understanding The Skilled Worker Visa Requirements

Our immigration lawyers are here to help you when you need to apply for a working visa. There are various types of visas and routes someone can take, so often the application process can be difficult. Working with our experts, you can benefit from a clearer understanding of the whole process. In the article, we review the requirements for a Skilled Worker visa and how the process works.

Points-Based System

The most common route for people outside of the UK to obtain a working visa is through the Skilled Worker visa. Though it’s not a requirement, immigration lawyers can help with the complicated application required. Currently, the application process for this is on a point-based system. A total of 70 points is needed to apply to work in the UK.

Various characteristics score different points. If you have a job offer from an approved sponsor and a job at the appropriate skill level, these will both earn 20 points each. If you speak English at the required level, it will earn 10 points. There are various other factors that can help earn points, such as the salary amount and qualifications held.

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Upcoming Changes

There are some changes coming up for the application process. For example, the Skilled Worker minimum salary is due to increase in March 2024. This will rise to £38.700, but there are some exceptions.

Given the intricacies of the process, it’s always good to consult with immigration lawyers.

What You Need

Each application may be different and have various requirements. When you apply, you will need to have a substantial amount of documentation prepared. You can find more information about what documents are needed for a Skilled Worker visa on the government website. Your immigration lawyers can help you organise these. Generally, this includes, but is not limited to, documents such as:

    • Certificate of sponsorship reference number – from your employer

    • Proof of your English knowledge (there are exempt countries/territories )

    • A valid passport or other accepted document

    • Your job’s title and annual salary

    • Your job’s occupation code

    • The name and sponsorship number of your employer

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