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Murder & Manslaughter Lawyers Birmingham

As murder and manslaughter are two serious criminal offenses, it is essential to source legal representation from a specialist criminal defence team. Our murder and manslaughter lawyers in Birmingham have many years of experience with a wide range of homicide cases and can provide support throughout every stage of the investigation.

If you have been arrested or charged with either of these criminal offenses, please get in touch today to find out how we can help.

What Defence Is Available For Murder & Manslaughter Charges?

This will depend on the circumstances of the crime. If you are denying your involvement, your defence will focus on proving your innocence. If you admit you were involved in a homicide, it may be possible to prove that you were not of sound mind or did not have the intention to kill. Therefore, it is possible you could face the lesser charge of manslaughter.

We are highly experienced with these charges and the defence options available. We will carefully consider every detail of your case to build a defence and give you the greatest chance of a positive verdict.

Notable Cases

Mohammed commenced practice over two decades ago, having practised in the heart of the capital. He specialises in all areas of criminal defence, representing clients at all stages of the criminal justice system. Mohammed appears regularly in the Magistrates’ and Youth Court and is a passionate advocate who is respected by his adversaries on a national basis.

Mohammed’s caseload at any time ranges from homicide and international drug conspiracies to ancillary proceedings such as confiscation and forfeiture. His experience is such that representing defendants charged with the most serious of offences is a norm and he has had a number of consecutive acquittals in the past at the central criminal court relating to offences of homicide and serious violence.

Mohammed’s client base is truly remarkable and really does span the globe. He has represented celebrity footballers, international terrorists, serial killers and high-profile music artists.


R v L: Gangland Double Murder: Acquittal

Years after the incident where multiple persons received decades in prison, attempts to secure statements from international jurisdictions resulted in a jury finding the defendant not guilty.

R v G: Murder: Acquittal

Joint enterprise; eye witness accounts, threats to the defendant but personal medical records showed the crowns account was simply impossible.

R v K: Murder in HMP Wormwood Scrubs: Acquittal

“A successful submission of ‘no case to answer’ was made at the close of the prosecution’s case and the judge directed the jury to acquit our client.” The team in this case requested special permission to enter the prison and undertake a site visit at the notorious D wing.

R v M: Murder Acquittal

The first ever Murder Trial to commence during the pandemic. The first day saw the jury walking through an unrelated crime scene as a result of the Reading Terror attack.

R v G: Murder to Manslaughter

Skilful litigation with the help of an eminent silk resulted in the crown making the correct decision even though it was there proposition from the outset that the is was pre meditated gang attack.

R v C: Murder to Manslaughter

A number of year after the murder and at the height of the pandemic saw no stop to the teams efforts to get the correct result.

R v M: Possession of Firearm with intent to endanger life: Acquittal

The victim having been blasted with a shot gun and awakening from a coma identified the defendant as being the culprit. Giving evidence was key to persuade a jury in reaching a correct verdict.

R v J: Murder to Manslaughter

Confessions, expert speech scientists tactical lawyering resulted in a grime artist avoiding a life sentence.

Violent Crime

R v A: Robbery: Acquittal

Multiple defendants, threats with a machete. The defendant seen driving the victim’s car. The defence analysing in a methodical manner cell site evidence and the credibility of the said victim.

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