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Drug Offence Solicitors Birmingham

Defence for possession, supply, importation and county lines offences

If you or a loved one has been accused of drug related offences, it’s vital you find a solicitor with extensive knowledge and experience. The no-tolerance approach that the British justice system takes with these charges means it’s imperative to find reliable representation.

At Blackfriars Law, our solicitors offer unparalleled levels of service. We specialise in the law surrounding possession, importation and supply of all drug classes. This way, we can ensure the legal defence we provide achieves the optimum outcome for your case.

Drug Supply Offences & Penalties

At Blackfriars Law, we’re accredited by organisations such as the SRA & Law Society. This means that our customers can have confidence that their cases will be handled by the best solicitors in the industry.

Our expertise covers a wide range of different drug offences. From possession and supply to importation over county lines, our services are fully comprehensive. Some of these include:

Criminal Defence Lawyers You Can Trust

According to UK government statistics, there were approximately 58,977 drug-related arrests this year. Although that number is approximately 1/6th of the number from previous years, it’s still a large amount. All of those people will require criminal defence lawyers.

We understand the responsibility that accompanies drug offence representation. As a result, we offer extensive expertise when guiding and supporting our clients through their cases.

Between 2 and 7 years is the maximum sentence for drug possession. The length given will depend on class. With this in mind, it’s paramount that the legal representative you choose has an outstanding case history. Not only this, but it’s vital that your solicitor has a proven criminal defence strategy to ensure your outcome is the best it can be.

Drug Importation Offences & What Your Solicitor Can Do

The importation or exportation of any controlled substance is prohibited under UK and international law. As a result of this, a serious conviction is accompanied by larger prison sentences.

At Blackfriars Law we understand the parameters and circumstantial situations that can apply to drug importation charges. Therefore, our team of legal experts work with our clients to ensure a calculated legal defence for the best possible outcome.

Sentencing For Importation Of Drugs

To help you understand the consequences of drug importation and supply offences, we’ve provided information about conviction rates below. This will also help to emphasise the importance of outstanding legal representation.

  • Importation of class A drugs – Maximum penalty of a life sentence, with punishments usually ranging from 3 to 16 years’ prison time
  • Importation of class B drugs – Maximum of 14 years’ custody and / or an unlimited fine. Convictions usually result in 12 weeks to 10 years’ prison time
  • Importation of class C drugs – Maximum of 14 years’ custody and / or an unlimited fine. Conviction is usually a community order or up to 8 years’ prison time

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