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How Can Family Lawyers Help Me During A Divorce?

Family lawyers are there to support you through any legal assistance you may need in a tough situation like a divorce. Sometimes, these situations can get quite messy, which is when you probably want to consult a solicitor. If there are properties or children involved, a solicitor will help discuss your options and tell you what your rights are. The breakdown of a relationship can be difficult to navigate, but with Blackfriars Law you can navigate through these troubling legal waters.

Usually, it’s not just paperwork to file, it’s settling the matter of child custody as needed and deciding on the division of finances and properties. Married couples will usually have shared finances which will need to be divided fairly and legally.

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Family Lawyers Process

During a divorce, a solicitor can help with the paperwork, the settlement of finances, and the arrangements of children (if applicable). There may also be other matters at hand that need to be negotiated legally and fairly. Without legal advice, this can sometimes get confusing. If a settlement is hard to reach, a solicitor can also assist with mediation and negotiating disputes.

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Do I Need To Go To Court?

You won’t need to go to court for a divorce unless it is legally disputed. However, you will need a court order. This can be organised by your family lawyers. If there are disagreements about finances or child arrangements, for example, you may need a hearing. However, most cases can be settled without actually going to court.

What Are You Legally Entitled To In A Divorce?

Every case will be different because of varying circumstances. The starting point is usually a 50/50 divide between assets. However, this can change depending on many factors. Family lawyers can help you reach settlements between parties and discuss your rights on matters such as pensions, properties, savings, and investments.

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If you are looking for reliable, sympathetic, and experienced solicitors, get in touch with our team today. We cover many aspects of family law and are on hand to assist with a variety of different case types. In addition to divorce court proceedings, we can help with out-of-court settlements, civil partnerships, cohabiting couple breakdowns, and child arrangement orders.

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